A Simple & Classic French Manicure

Today I have for you my first French manicure. French manicures are often dismissed as “boring” or “trashy” but I think it’s a great classic look. It was surprisingly easy to do with tip guides.

 French manicure with OPI

To achieve this look, I skipped the base coat (because I wanted to be able to touch up the tips if needed) and applied the tip guides right to my dry bare nails. I painted the tips with two coats of OPI Angel with a Leadfoot (which I have previously reviewed here). I carefully touched up some of the tips with a small brush dipped in pure acetone, and then after waiting for them to dry, I added two coats of OPI You Callin’ Me a Lyre?. I topped everything off with Essie Good to Go.

French mani with OPI

Here is another look, sans bottle. OPI You Callin’ Me a Lyre? is an absolutely perfect French manicure polish, because it is streak-free.

Orly French Tip Guides

I used these French tip guides by Orly, which I found at Sally’s Beauty Supply. These tip guides are very good, but definitely shaped for oval/squoval nails (so if you have square nails, you will have to look elsewhere). The guides are very sticky, which is good for preventing leakage.

French manicure with OPI

One last look at the tips. If you don’t like the stark white tips of a French manicure, you can use a sheer white instead (such as OPI Funny Bunny or Essie Waltz). This is called an American manicure, and results in a softer, more natural look.

I loved this manicure more than I thought I would, and I can easily see myself doing this again for work. I’m also looking forward to doing this with fun twists (like colored tips) in the future, since it’s so easy to do.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Jessica


First post!

Hi and welcome to my nail polish blog! I’ve been increasingly obsessed with all things nail polish for almost three years now. I’m hoping to get my collection swatched on here, as well as challenge myself to reach greater heights of lacquerdom :). I mean, three years as a nail-aholic and I still haven’t attempted Konad stamping or even basic dots? That needs to change, stat.

I’m still getting everything figured out–so bear with me. I’m hoping that this blog will be a learning experience above all else! In the meantime, stay tuned for swatches of a recent OPI release that absolutely stole my heart :).

Happy reading!