Angel With Dots and Pastel Application Tips

Hi and happy Friday! Today I have for you the only other color in OPI’s Ford Mustang collection that caught my eye–Angel With a Leadfoot! I needed a basic white creme, so I figured Angel with a Leadfoot would fill that gap in my collection (and let’s be honest, the cool printed cap may have had something to do with the decision as well).

OPI Angel With a Leadfoot bottle and fingers

Since this is a standard white creme, it doesn’t have multiple personalities in different lighting conditions like a duochrome or shimmer polish. Shown with Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and Essie Good to Go top coat.

OPI Angel With a Leadfoot indirect natural light

OPI Angel With a Leadfoot in indirect natural lighting. As you can see, it looks very clean and canvas-like…

…so I added some dots to match one of my favorite skirts!

OPI Angel With a Leadfoot dots

I’m waiting on an order of dotting tools to come in (my first ones!), so I did these quickly with a toothpick dipped in Essie Flirt (a coral creme polish).

Now, the main issue with pastel and white polishes is the application. They can go on streaky and the formula can be difficult to manage. What you see on my nail is two medium coats of Angel With a Leadfoot, and application was not actually that bad. Here are a couple of tips I have for applying a white or pastel polish.

Pastel Application Tips

  • Use a ridge-filling base coat. Even if you don’t have ridges, a ridge-filling base coat comes in handy for creating a smooth and slightly opaque surface on your nail. It helps polishes with difficult formulas go on more evenly, and it also provides some coverage under sheer polishes if you’re not into the VNL (visible nail line) look. I like OPI’s Ridge Filler.
  • Do not overwork the polish. Once you’ve painted your nail, resist the urge to repeatedly run the brush over your nail to even the polish out. I’m guilty of painting my nails like this, but with pastels, overmanipulating the polish on your nails just makes the streakiness worse.
  • Cover your nail in as few brushstrokes as possible. Let the brush fan out fully over your nail. The wide OPI brush is great for this.

OPI Angel With a Leadfoot Quick Review

Formula: See tips above. Thick and streaky, but with a ridge-filling base coat and super careful application, I managed to pull it off in two coats.

Collection: OPI Ford Mustang, July 2014

Where to Buy: I bought mine on Amazon. You can also find OPI at Ulta, JC Penney salons, Sally’s Beauty Supply, or your local beauty supply store.

Would I wear again? Yes! I also see serious nail art potential in this polish.

Overall: 4/5 stars

If you found these tips helpful, or you have your own to add, please comment! Thanks for reading!

❤ Jessica


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